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Sergey Gaev
Internet-marketer, programmer
Hello. I am Sergey. I have been professional internet-marketer for 12 years.

I went from  web programmer  to one of the best specialist in promotion of small business.

I increase internet presence of small business. Setting up and improve Internet sales.

Now I am  sole proprietor and I provide integrated services in internet-marketing.
How can I be useful for your business?
Configuration and start advertising
Launch of contextual advertising in Yandex Direct
Launch of contextual advertising in Google Adwords
Optimization and promotion of web site using search engines.
Creation and rent of websites

Creation of one-page websites as soon as possible. Any budget. The best in country!
From small shop to big frameworks  for intensive internet trading.
I lease websites created  in your niche. Clearly better than website of your competitors!
Web-analitics, audit, consultation

The main aim of analitics is monitoring all process in order to increase sales. I will  configure monitoring of everything in automatic way. I'll put counters of attendance: Yandex Metric, Google Analytics.
I will watch your website and give advice how to increase number of attendance. I'll help you to keep up with competitors and stay relevant for potential customers. Cost of audit is from 100$.
12 years of my experience will save years of your mistakes. Any consultation in sphere of internet marketing,  including consultations without future provision of services. 1 hour consultation costs 50$.
The basis things of any project  are researches and analitics. We should clearly know clients' wiches and where we can find them. What competitors are doing and why we cannot achieve our goal. 
Internet applications will cost nothing if you do not bring them to profit. I have experience of building sales departments, training of calls receiving and work with CRM.
I will provide constant flow of applications to you and your dealers. The flow will not completely depend on paid advertising.If you turn off contextual advertising, your sales will not spec.
My benefits
My main benefit is 
                     a narrow focus on small business.                           I understand your problems.
Experience since 2006
I have been engaged in Internet marketing for 12 years. I have tried all kinds of online advertising, I understand the possibilities of each type. I see and know more than you, even in your sphere, especially if you have entered it recently. I started as the owner of a small online store. 
Rent website 
The best website is the one that is constantly being improved. A small company does not always have the opportunity to keep a programmer on staff. The website is becoming obsolete, sales are falling. I found a solution to this problem: I rent websites, which I constantly imporve.
I am whole company
When you are a small company, you do not have the opportunity to hire a whole team of professionals: programmers, designers, Internet marketer.  You need someone who can combine all these skills at a high level. I am such specialist. 
I work several times faster than most market specialists. I checked. I will solve a problem in one week, and others will spend a month working with it. Thanks to the accumulated experience - I already have a whole piggy bank of working solutions for most types of business tasks.
Sometimes you don't need a website or advertising. But someone who will tell in what direction it is better to move, will draw a road map. I give advice without further order of the services. I can consult you in any aspect of Internet marketing. The cost of 1 hour of consultation - $ 50.
.Not always the best site is the most expensive site. And good advertising is  not the most expensive advertising. I will make your idea of business into an effective solution in accordance with the available budget. The optimal combination of price and quality.
Steps of cooperation
Everything is plain and simple!

I contact with you and you tell me information about your company. I create strategy of promotion in Internet.

I prepare eveything for submitting advertisment of your business in internet. I launch advertising and adjust it in order to make your advertising more effective. 

I often commend results and correct advertising. Also i find new ways of  advertising and prepare reports about what have been done. 
+375(29) 573-08-44
Leave your contacts, web site and task
My contacts
Sergey Gaev
Phone number: +375 (29) 573-08-44

or you can text me in Instagram
Are you still thinking?
I will answer any of your questions about internet-marketing! earns money — hotels change the sheets.

When I went to rest abroad, the hotel I booked on While I travelled I was having  conversations with the owners of hotels. And I realized that earns from hotels more than hotels themselves. It knows how to attract customers, the bulk of customers are customers of Booking.

The main value added form the goods in the nearest future will not be taken by the owners of know-how, by the owners of production tools, by the owners of brands, but by the owners of customers. So those, who have clients earn money.

This concerns aggregators who are looking for customers, collect them and pass them on to those who will continue to serve customers.

The hotel in Venice can stop trying to attract customers through advertising or online marketing.

First of all, the cost of advertising is unaffordable. 

Secondly, the very high cost of a specialist who can do it.

 Hotel should to deal with his fate and applies for, gives 30% of the reservation's cost and changes the sheets.

 It is becoming very difficult to attract customers from the Internet, and the competition is growing and growing. Advertising becomes very complex and technological. That is why there are fewer specialists and they are more expensive. 

 A lot of companies has began to buy customers on websites-aggregators, such as, on more developed market of USA. Companies cannot longer compete with professionals who attract customers much cheaper.

Globally, most companies around the world expect the same thing as hotel in Venice, where the entire margin is taken by the booking. The hotel have  only secondary sales and it is neccesary to work on its customer base.

If the company is able to advertise and attract customers, it will not be neccesary to be  able to directly provide a service or sell a product, it is enough to sell this clients.

 The overwhelming number of companies will not be able to attract customers on their own in the future, because they will lose attracting customers to the best professionals. There will be special companies that will attract clients good and effectively. This companies will sell customers to another business.

What companies should do? 

 I think that sales are the most important points of growth of any business today. Any business needs more orders, more customers, and everyone wants to sell more.

 Now businessmen go to conferences and learn  how to engage in online marketing, buy contextual advertising in Yandex or Google, as well as in social networks.

They learn how to deal with content and SEO, they try to keep up with the rapid development of Internet Marketing.

Anyway, the whole business will  be learning how to sell within next 3-4 years.

From my experience I know that sales consist of  funnel + sellers.

The funnel of sales —  is a set of stages which the customer moves to purchase your product or service. This is a set of stages that a potential customer will go through before buying and it does not matter whether we want it or not, but the customer will to go through them.

 Only 5% of Companies in the world use CPM system and  only 1 company out of 10 knows what the sales funnel means.

And even in the developed USA market only 20% of companies know what CRM is  and understand something in sales.

 I provide services «Sale managment», this means  that I delve into your business and systematize the stages through which your client pass on the way to the purhase.

As a result of my work will be created a sales funnel of your business, that  will be  described and divided into stages. Then I work with it: automate it, analyze and  improve.

In order to FUNNEL OF SALES will work, you have to:

Firstly, it is neccesary to describe funnel of sales corretly.

Secondly, it is necessary to record how a person moves from stage to stage of the funnel, and to react to this correctly.

Why do you need the funnel of sales?

There is an example:

Before a person buys a car, he must firstly pass a test drive and it is useless to immediately sell the car, you need to sell the transition stage to stage.

 1. It is impossible to sell your product at once, it is necessary to sell it on funnel stages.

2. The sales funnel allows you to analyze potential customers. For example, we know who we have in what status, at what stage of the sales funnel — which means we can predict sales.

We can calculate the conversion at each stage, than calculate the total conversion and properly manage the whole business.

Do we have the funnel of sales in retail sales? 

 The funnel in reatil sales does not work to make a sale, but  it work in order to return the client.

 We have the funnel of sales in any business. 

For example: 

The customer left the car service and from that moment the sales funnel starts in order to return this customer to the car service. One of the steps is to remind him when he will have a maintenance period. 

But there is a problem. This problem is people.

If you have built, described the sales funnel — you need people who will be engaged in these sales, you need sellers who will call customers, molest them, call back.

However, everyone does not like sellers. I'm a salesman and I don't like other salesmen.

People do not want to be sellers, and even to be called sellers (even if they are engaged in sales).

People are a very important element of sales, because only a person can convince another person to make a purchase.

Management constantly have to force sellers to call back or do something in the sales funnel, there are even different sorts of techniques how to motivate sellers to call customers. There are some consultants who are engaged in semi-psychology, teach sales teams scripts, how to overcome the secretary, how to arrange a meeting.

Most companies have an "ancient" sales department, which bring to the companies some money, but work in the last century. At the moment, sellers + calls do not work or work very badly. People don't answer the phone, and sellers don't want to call, and they need to be constantly motivated.

What do I offer?

I offer a service in which I take all the technologies from the world of Internet advertising and transfer to the world of sales.

We have something similar, for example, when the client has not completed the sale and did not issue a shopping cart in the online store and closed the browser for unknown reasons.

In this case, we can set up retargeting system and show them ads with a proposal to complete the processing of the basket.

I make the implementation of similar tools in all areas of the sales funnel.

For example, we have a customer who came to buy a car.

According to the rules of the sales funnel, customer can not start a test drive without leaving your email and phone (the same applies to the situation when you want to buy an apartment and come to view it) — since you definitely need to sign a person on the mailing list and this is beginning of the sales' funnel.

I note at what stage the client is, because following the sales funnel, I use a different type of communication at each stage of.

 It is useless to sell a loan to someone who has not yet come to test drive of the car (you can, but it's early) — you should firstly sell a test drive.

It is also useless to sell a test drive to someone who has already been on it, you should sell the loan, and so on.

That is why, building for your business "Sales Management", I notice how a potential client moves from stage to stage of the sales funnel — and I do it automatically, with the help of Internet marketing tools. 

The big number of companies have old sales departments, in which sellers do everything manually. 

But you should do everything automatically, to fix any of customer's activity that he reads in the mail, what sites visits  — it's all you need to move them through the stages of the funnel.

I use many different ways of communication with customers.

For example, I use customer's contact information (phone, last name, email) in order to show targeted advertising on social networks.

There is an example :

The client came to look apartment and left contact details, I begin to show him advertising: what a wonderful area in which we sell this apartment.

And nobody uses this way of advertise, sometimes companies use some global retargeting or remarketing system (remiding customers about  their production).

But i can conect your sales funnel eith all communcation tools.

I can send letters to a potential buyers, depending on the stage of the sales funnel at which them are located. I can also show them different ads, depending on the stage of the funnel. 

It's not super technology or super knowledge, it's just something that nobody uses.

It is clear that we must record not only offline communication, but also online communication, and combine them with each other.

That means that I record a person's visits to the office, his calls to the call-center and his visits to the site — and it is absolutely real.

It is impossible to come to the Tesla salon and take a test drive.

— It is impossible?

The manager will tell you: «Sorry, we have online reservation». It may seem strange to you. 

But it is very logical according to the sales' system.

If a client makes an online reservation on the website,  I have an opportunity to give him a google pixel — i will see if the client returned to the site.

If a potential client of Tesla was on the site, then he be shown what a cool financial program Tesla has. He goes to the site to read the financial program, and at this point we record his visit to the site — and at this second the seller calls.

This means that I do not completely remove sellers from the sales funnel — they need to be integrated into all interactions with a potential client correctly.

A personal call is always very effective,  if it happens at the right time. And at the moment, the sellers in the sales department just periodically call all customers.

And these calls do not like anyone: neither the buyer nor the seller. Because of this, the effectiveness of such calls is low.

My work in«Sales managment» make sellers' calls more effectively because they are part of communications between customers and companies. 

For example, a person opened a letter in my newsletter — and at this moment we call him, at the right time, when the call is appropriate.

Many programmers and marketers nowadays work on creation of websites with system of filling forms, but after they do nothing.

Such websites become more and more expencise.

If company has conversion of filled forms in orders, it wins in competitive pressures. 

My system of "Sales management" is aimed to your win!